application2application1Chemical, resins, and related industries:
Synthetic resins (small grains, minimal grains, powder particles), Coating material, Pigments, Dyestuff (powder, liquid), Medicines, Chemical compounds for industrial purpose (grains, powder particles), Soap (powder, particles), Sawdusts, Nitre (powder), Magnesia products (powder), Rubber, Black lead (powder), Silicon powder, Manganese dioxide (powder), Fire extinguishing agent (powder), Benzine products (liquid form), Fertilizer (grain, powder).

Ceramics and related industries:
Silicon sands (grains), Pottery & Clay (liquid form). Supplies for grinding, Aluminum powder oxidated (grains), Glaze agent (powder, liquid form), Fire-proof materials (powder), Glass material (powder). Related raw materials for kiln industry.

Food and related industries:
Wheat flour, Soya-bean, corn, Rice (grains and powder), Wheat starch, Corn starch (powder, liquid), fish powder for feeding (powder for feeding), (powder, liquid), Large grain white sugar (angular type). Seasoning ingredients (powder, liquid), Bean products (liquid), Tomato sauce, Soy (liquid), Juice powder, Enzyme (liquid), Oils (liquid), Dairy products (powder, liquid), Lemon acid (powder), Fruits & vegetables, Dehydrated vegetable (grains).

Metals and metallurgical mines:
Iron, Copper (powder & grains), Aluminum foils (sheet form), Powder Metallurgical raw materials (powder & grains), Coal, Charcoal (grains), Scrap oil (liquid), Phosphate (powder, liquid), Cast and flourescent material (powder), and other metals. Electricity & Magnetic Materials.

Pollution treatment:
To upgrade the quality of our living environment and the recycling for reusable materials.


Electromagnetic separator demonstration:

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